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Univ.-Doz. Dr. Andrea Müllner-Eidenböck

Specialist in Ophthalmology & Optometry – Specialty: Children’s Ophthalmology (paediatric ophthalmology)

  • Specialist training at the University Eye Hospital Vienna
  • Qualification from the Medical University of Vienna 2004
  • Professor at the Medical University of Vienna Eye Clinic/Children’s Hospital 2004 to December 2016
  • Foundation of the Children’s Eye Centre “augenspiel” – Orders for elective and private practice

Research, publications and teaching in the special field of paediatric ophthalmology – Focus:

  • Cataracts in childhood (congenital cataracts)
  • Congenital eye disorders, ophthalmogenetics
  • Congenital retinopathy, congenital eye malformations
  • Eye disorders in syndromes

Complementary additional training for supportive therapies

  • Relaxation techniques for eye disorders and asthenopic complaints
  • Qigong exercise therapy
  • TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine)
  • TEM (Traditional European Medicine)


“My children usually have a lot of respect for, and a bit of fear of, doctors. But here we never have a problem: The practice is child-friendly. The examination itself is playful and passes by in a flash.

“Thorough examination, everything child-friendly, and she is excellent with handling babies and young children. Warm praise from a colleague.

“Our son was operated on at 8 months for cataract in one eye. Since then – he is now 10 years old – he has been continuously examined and treated by Dr. med. Müllner-Eidenböck, who is highly professional, competent and shows great empathy. Complete confidence.”

“I accompanied my son on a 2-year mother-child adjustment examination with Dr. med. Müllner-Eidenböck – and I am completely thrilled both from her expertise and by her empathy. We felt very well looked after!”

“The treatment of children is not that easy – so I was very surprised how smoothly everything went. The waiting room is geared to children, and for the children the waiting time is not too long, for example for an eye drop. Very good ophthalmologist for children.

Shall we play an eye game?