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Playful ambience with precision technology

The needs of children of all ages and their parents are the focus of the architectural arrangements. The ground floor entrance of the former office converted into a practice offers barrier-free access with a stroller or a children’s wheelchair. Entrance, waiting and arrangement areas form three communicative zones, which merge smoothly into each other. Already in the fairy-tale atmosphere of the waiting area there are integrated eye test stations for infants. There, in a relaxed atmosphere, the important initial findings on the children’s visual behaviour are playfully collected.

Wonderfully relaxed

Most of the vision tests are based on the principles of vision measurement developed by the well-known Finnish ophthalmologist Lea Hyvärinnen and include material from Montessori teaching practice. The cozy meeting corner in the practice room compensates for the clinical appearance of the technical and optical devices. Children and parents can be relaxed throughout the process, from diagnosis to the development of therapeutic strategy.

We are looking forward to your visit!
Priv.-Doz. Dr. Semira Kaya-Reindl, PhD

Shall we play an eye game?